Enjoy a little piece of magic with one of these stretchy gemstone bracelets. Each bracelet has been lovingly created on durable stretch cord, with beautiful chips of Iolite, and your choice of White Jade OR Black Onyx beads.


Iolite: Inner Strength, Intuition, and Peacefulness.

White Jade: Mental Clarity, Positivity, and Success.

Black Onyx: Strength, Protection, and Stress Release.

Iolite Chip with White Jade or Black Onyx Bracelet

  • ​I always suggest using a piece of string and a ruler to accurately measure your wrist. Please ensure that you provide me with the measurement, in inches, that is snug to your wrist --  please do not add any slack or extra length.  I will use the measurement that you provided me, in addition to my usual sizing spacing, to provide you with a perfect fitting bracelet.